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Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

The UCF College of Graduate Studies provides leadership and services to create high-quality learning environments for graduate students. 

About Our Mission

UCF College of Graduate Studies is an advocate for graduate education, working to mobilize and arrange the resources needed for enrollment and program growth. We track and analyze emerging trends and changes in graduate education, both nationally and with our peer institutions, and provide support and guidance for interdisciplinary and cooperative programs. We are mindful of the need to retain the academic values of the graduate programs while acting as a partner in the social and economic well being of the community and state.

We collaborate with the faculty to develop policies and best practices that further the high academic standards and excellence of our graduate programs. We are client-centered, focused on providing the information and services that students need to enhance their experience with UCF and that faculty and staff need to effectively carry out their responsibilities to students. Cooperation with colleges, graduate programs, institutes and centers, administrative offices, and support services is emphasized to provide an excellent experience for our graduate students from inquiry to graduation.

Through its primary activities, programs and services, UCF College of Graduate Studies contributes to program development and growth, enrollment management and recruiting, enhanced infrastructure and technological support for our graduate students and programs, and quality student support services for a diverse and talented graduate student population.

Vision Statement

The College of Graduate Studies provides the leadership, vision, and support services necessary for the university to achieve its goal of international prominence in selected areas of graduate studies and research. The College of Graduate Studies is a leader in defining the image for graduate education at UCF as one of quality, one that has key programs of true excellence, and one that is focused on community partnerships.

Values Statement

  • Integrity - We will exercise the highest standards of integrity in everything we do. We will practice and defend academic and personal honesty. Our job performance will be characterized by truthfulness, dependability, and responsibility. We will seek to be known by our clients as trustworthy and dependable.
  • Excellence - We will strive toward the highest standards of performance in all aspects of our operation. We will perform every task at an exemplary level of quality. We will seek to exceed the expectations of those we serve, always delivering more than we promise and setting a high standard for our hard work, knowledge, and problem-solving skills.
  • Respect - We will respect the rights of others in order to promote an open and supportive campus environment. Students will always be treated with respect and courtesy. Staff members will be valued for the diverse contributions that they make to the College of Graduate Studies and the university. Diversity will be respected and celebrated. We will treat everyone with respect and civility.
  • Service - We are primarily a service organization. As such we will recognize the importance of “customer relations” and meeting the needs of our clients. We will be recognized for quality and promptness of our service.
  • Continuous Improvement - We will continuously evaluate existing policies and practices searching for ways to improve our operations. All operational initiatives will be routinely examined as a basis for refining, replacing, or eliminating less effective strategies. We will review and implement new technologies that will enhance our operations and service. We will seek to be a leader in the application of advanced practices and technologies.

Commitment to Quality

The College of Graduate Studies serves many clients. Our primary “customers” are the students who inquire about, enroll in, and graduate from the university’s graduate programs. In addition, we work closely with the staff, faculty, and administrators of the university’s colleges, schools, and departments. We also support the interests and needs of our graduate programs by providing timely processing, assistance, training, and guidance. We understand that the ultimate success of our graduate programs depends in part upon the quality of our service. Thus, we are committed to providing the highest possible quality of service to all clients. The employees of the College of Graduate Studies strive to exceed the expectations of those that we serve by:

  • Anticipating the needs of customers
  • Creating a culture that values service and fosters mutual respect
  • Identifying and solving problems
  • Implementing new technologies that enhance our services
  • Projecting a friendly and courteous demeanor in every customer interaction
  • Providing timely and accurate information
  • Providing services that are convenient and accessible to all
  • Removing unnecessary barriers to graduate students
  • Responding to all requests quickly and efficiently
  • Reviewing all policies and practices on a regular basis
  • Simplifying business processes whenever possible


The University of Central Florida is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award degrees at the associate, baccalaureate, master’s, specialist, and doctoral levels. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call (404) 679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of the University of Central Florida.

Please note the commission's expectation that contact occur only if there is evidence to support significant non-compliance with a requirement or standard. For other information about UCF’s SACSCOC accreditation, please contact the university's SACSCOC liaison in UCF's Office of Academic Affairs.

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